Hapkido Combatives™ Complete Mixed Martial Arts Self Defence System

The “way of co-ordinated power”. It is the ancient art of masters often referred to as the complete art of self defence. Combining a number of martial arts to provide complete system of self defence. Hapkido incorporates pressure points, joint locks, sweeps and throws. It uses low and high kicks and combines kickboxing and grappling to disarm or disable an opponent.

In addition to core Hapkido techniques, training will also cover kickboxing drills/training and essential ground fighting submission techniques.

Self defence taught is not restricted by age, size or sex. It is very much an art that grows with age! Everyone can (and should) earn a black belt.

  • Hapkido Privates – One on One Personalised Training
  • Affiliated to Korea Hapkido International
  • Classes for Men-Women-Teens & Children

Get your Black Belt in 3-4 years … Yes, it is possible! We can show you how!