Master Fari Salievski

A True Leader, Master Instructor Mr Fari Salievski is more than just the head of KMA schools. He is a true leader by example and a positive role model for all that come in contact with him. He is highly regarded in the international martial arts and business community for his honesty and personal success.

Currently he heads Martial Arts Professionals; an organisation dedicated to promoting excellence within the martial arts industry & raising the standards of professional services to students and their communities.

In addition Master Fari heads Korea Hapkido International, Korea Hapkido Australia and is also a representative for MA Success (MAIA USA) and Benny “The Jet” Urquidez (World famous kickboxing legend and champion) plus KMA is officially registered as a Jean Jacques Machado school!

Since 1982 training has been consistent, a minimum of six days per week of not only teaching time but active training becoming Australia’s only instructor to be Korean graded and certified for each and every Dan level (up to 5th Dan) in South Korea. 6th & 7th Dans in the U.S with the same Grandmaster (10th Dan in Sun Seo)

The title of “Master” does not come via a mail order or certificate but it is a title bestowed upon the recipient by their Grandmaster. Master Fari has earned his title through hard work establishing himself an international reputation of quality & integrity.